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Dog Parties Box

Dog goodies for a good dog!
Customizable box of toys & gourmet treats!

toys will vary by box
A monthly box packed with toys, treats
& more for your dog!
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Play, Play and Play Some More! If dogs could talk, many of them would say that play time is the best part of the day. 

Every month your pup will get up to 6 items of high quality toys & delicious gourmet treats. Each month is curated around a new theme your pup will love!

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Cooper & Lola

"Love, love, love our box! The toys are a perfect size and the throwback treats, too stinkin' cute!" 

Dog Parties Box


"My dogs love Dog Parties Box! Each box has a fun theme with toys that I have never seen before along with healthy treats! I love that they include the themed cookies with every box!"

dog parties box


"My girl Sugar absolutely loves her monthly Dog Parties Box! As soon as I show it to her, she starts to stomp her feet and nose the box. She can’t wait to dig through the tissue paper and discover the always fun toys and tasty treats......."

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