Happy Dogs

Keep your dog happy and healthy all year long.

Ways to keep your pup Happy and Healthy!

  • Playtime: Make time each day to play with your dog! It can be as simple as a game of fetch or a trip to the dog park.

  • Walks: Dogs Love to walk! This isn't only good for their health and yours it's good for training

  • Bath time: I know not all dogs love the bath, but this will get the stink out of your dog, shine their coat and help with shedding.

  • Take Pictures: Puppies grow SO fast. In a blink of an eye you will wonder where your puppy went. Make sure to capture those very special moments

  • Train your dog: Training can be frustrating in the beginning, but so worth it!

  • Keep it fresh!: Clean fresh water always! No one wants to drink water that has been sitting all day or has food in it.. YUCK!

  • Up to date: Vet appointments regularly even if your dog is healthy it is important for their annual visit, shots, nail trim, and grooming.

  • Lots of toys! All dogs love to play! Find the best toys for your dogs size and play style

  • Schedules: Dogs are like people in the way of schedules, they like routine, Try and keep your dog on a feeding schedule.

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